Steve Jobs was master at casting spells on workers Gates

Daniel Fowler
July 9, 2019

But even to this day, Gates says he's yet to meet anyone who could rival Jobs "in terms of picking talent, hyper-motivating that talent, and having a sense of design of, 'Oh, this is good". During an interview with CNN, Bill Gates shared his thoughts on Steve Jobs and praised his sensibility and how he managed to save Apple from the verge of collapsing. Gates mentioned that he wasn't affected by the spells because he was a minor wizard.

Apple was nearing bankruptcy with Jobs returned to the company in the 1990s.

Steve Jobs was the only one who could save Apple, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said in a recent interview, according to Bloomberg.

Gates said, "I was like a minor wizard because he would be casting spells, and I would see people mesmerized, but because I'm a minor wizard, the spells don't work on me".

Gates said that Jobs was a paragon of not attempting this at home.

"So Steve was a very singular case where the company [Apple] really was on a path to die and it goes and becomes the most valuable company in the world with some products that are really incredible", he continued.

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"He brought some incredibly positive things along with that toughness", Gates said. Before his unfortunate demise, however, he built one of the most successful technology companies ever, and helped create a consumer culture that is somewhat unique to Apple and its various products.

It went on to become the first company in history to gain a market value of over US$1 trillion.

Jobs died in 2011, months after he resigned from Apple because of complications from pancreatic cancer.

If you're looking for a clear voice on what Chief Design Officer Jony Ive leaving Apple means for the company, don't look to current employees. "We counted on each other to work very long hours and I always wanted to set the best example of that".

"I think what you're seeing now is a company that knows how to execute pretty well, but it doesn't have at its core these two spiritual soul mates who just lived and breathed the beauty of products", Isaacson said.

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