American billionaire politician Ross Perot dies

Clay Curtis
July 11, 2019

Ross Perot, the two-time third-party presidential candidate, died at 89 after battling leukemia for five months. "He will be missed greatly", Ross Mulford of Petrus Asset Management Company said in a statement.

Perot had leukemia, Dallas News reported, saying the illness was diagnosed in February. He ultimately won only 8% of the popular vote, which was higher than typical for a third-party candidate though a substantial drop from his 1992 showing. In one debate, he uttered another flawless phrase when he predicted that the new North American Free Trade Agreement would create a "giant sucking sound" as it yanked to Mexico.

NAYLOR: Perot took part in three debates with incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush and the Democratic challenger Bill Clinton. He garnered massive coverage as a plain-talking Texan, contrasting with the staid Bush and Clinton, aka "Slick Willy".

"People were talking about how can we make the Paramount Theatre into a world-class performance space and Ross Perot's name came up and he was approached and he and his sister agreed to donate nearly a million dollars of Perot Foundation money to renovate the Perot Theatre", he said. But he started working at age 7, doing odd jobs such as delivering newspapers and selling Christmas cards, garden seeds and magazines.

"I don't have any experience in gridlock government where nobody takes responsibility for anything and everybody blames everybody else. but I do have a lot of experience in getting things done".

Perot's 100 years in 89! But he did not fare as well, and Clinton was re-elected.

In a retrospective of survey figures during the campaign, Gallup said its first poll on Perot showed 32 percent of voters held a favorable view, compared to just 10 percent who saw him unfavorably.

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Ross Perot's will explicitly instructs his 11 children to donate $9 million each to the Trump 2020 campaign. Bush said he "epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit" and "gave selflessly of his time and resources to help others in our community".

Perot was born on June 27, 1930, in Texarkana, TX, and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1953.

Ross Perot founded his first company, Electronic Data Systems, in 1962.

He launched a second data firm, Perot Systems, which computer maker Dell acquired for $3.9 billion.

With Perot's strong work ethic, belief in the the transformative nature of education and aspirations, he accomplished much, Smith said. In 1979, he financed a private commando raid to free two EDS employees who were being held in a prison in Iran. His son, Ross Perot, Jr. was asked to describe his father.

His daughter Nancy told the Dallas Morning News that he kept family dinners sacrosanct and would be remembered for 'the biggest hugs'.

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