Google clears up game ownership rules in Stadia, and supported devices

Ruben Fields
July 11, 2019

Your Stadia account will support up to four Stadia controllers during local multiplayer game play. In the future, the situation could arise in which a specific title is no longer available for purchase; however, those users who get hold of it before it is des catalog can continue playing it.

During the last Stadia press conference, Google did mention that only certain mobile devices would officially have Stadia support at launch when November arrives. Now, you won't lose access to your games on Google Stadia even if its publisher decides to exit the platform. Or put another way, even if the game disappears from the Stadia catalog: "Once you buy a game in Stadia, you acquire the right to play it".

You can read the full FAQ page at this link.

Google also mentions that controllers were created to be connected to WiFi for gameplay but they can be hardwired to a PC, tablet, or smartphone via a USB-C cable if the user prefers. Also known as game streaming, the term refers to using the cloud, rather ... Speaking of Wi-Fi, the search giant says the "Stadia Controller uses BLE for setup and then connects via Wi-Fi for gameplay".

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The company originally said that Stadia would require a Chromecast Ultra streaming dongle and dedicated Stadia Controller at launch, but in the updated FAQ, it said mobile gameplay will be available via Pixel 3 and 3a smartphones as well as tablets running Chrome OS.

Pc gaming is kind of forever and can't be beaten easily whether there will be much impact on Google stadia in the near future. But you can purchase games using any iOS 11+ or Android M+ device that can run the Stadia app.

This should come as disappointing news for the iPhone users, who would have been planning to play the games on the go or picking up the game from where they left off on the TV.

As for the supported devices, the set of launch devices is pretty small. About VR support, however, Google says it doesn't have anything to share about that yet. That allows us to tailor-make a support plan that will work for your title and fit with the rest of our portfolio.

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