Air Canada flight lands in Hawaii after severe turbulence - 25 injured

Daniel Fowler
July 12, 2019

Fitzpatrick said the plane was about two hours past Hawaii when it hit "severe clear air" turbulence.

Passengers described a sudden drop in altitude when the Air Canada jet hit the turbulence 600 miles from Hawaii.

"A lot of screaming, the girl in front of me hit the plastic overhead and actually snapped it and broke it and the oxygen mask came down", one passenger told Today.

Forced to turn around, the pilots made an emergency landing in Honolulu early this morning, paramedics tended to the almost three dozen injured passengers.

A spokesperson for Air Canada told CTV News, "Preliminary information indicates there are about 25 people who have sustained minor injuries". A spokeswoman for the Honolulu emergency services department was not able to immediately provide details about the passengers' injuries.

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A case of severe turbulence in June on a flight from Kosovo to France was captured on video, showing a flight attendant hitting the ceiling and another praying.

Turbulence: The flight from Vancouver to Sydney diverted to Honolulu at around 6:45 am. "A couple of the air hostesses were bringing food out at the time, and they hit the roof as well".

The turbulence happened at 36,000 feet (10,973 metres), about 1,000km south-west of Honolulu, the US Federal Aviation Administration said. The crew reportedly requested that medical personnel meet the aircraft at the airport.

Air Canada was arranging hotel accommodations and meals in Honolulu and options for resuming the flight, Mah said.

In a series of tweets, CBC News reported that there had been 269 passengers, and 15 crew members on board the Air Canada Boeing 777-200.

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