Galaxy Note 10 Release Date Tipped for August 23

Ruben Fields
July 12, 2019

Sdn Bhd (Samsung) today launched its new Galaxy A80 smartphone, available for RM2,499. However, we have got a new leak that reveals the first official-looking renders of the much leaked Galaxy Watch 2 active.

In fact, based on the leaked render from Android Headlines, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have what looks like leather straps, an upgrade from previous generations' silicon material.

And now, the FCC has mistakenly leaked pictures of the Note 10 that was supposed to be kept confidential.

New generations of smartphones cost more, that's just part of technological progress - but if you're hoping the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a minor step up in price from the Galaxy Note 9, you might find yourself spitting out your drink in a few seconds.

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The render looks to be a typical Samsung promotional image which displays the device along with the style of branding that will be in use, while also once again confirming the name of the device. Unfortunately, one of his complaints, the lack of Samsung's signature rotating bezel, is still applicable for the Watch Active2. Besides that, the device's design does look incredibly sleek from the very low-quality pictures above.

ECG and fall detection, available first on the Apple Watch Series 4, is also rumored to be among the features of the Galaxy Watch Active2.

Samsung will likely launch both LTE and Wi-Fi-only versions of the Galaxy Watch Active 2. A microphone hole and speaker grilles are visible on the other side.

The two versions (LTE and Wi-Fi) are also expected to sport different mAh capacity batteries and as you would expect the greater 340 mAh capacity battery is created to power the more-demanding LTE version.

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