Google’s instant camera translation now works with over 100 languages - including Afrikaans

Ruben Fields
July 12, 2019

If you select "detect language" as the source language, the Translate app will automatically detect the language and translate. Instant will provide a translation of text when the camera on your phone is pointed at it. Scan will allow you to take a photo of the text and using your finger, you can highlight the section you want translated.

With Google Translate feature you can simply use your camera to translate foreign languages in real time.

Having an app on your phone with real-time translation powers is pretty useful especially if you travel a lot and you're not that familiar with the language there.

The new feature will be a boon to foreigners visiting Vietnam since a majority of the population does not speak English fluently.

"What's more exciting is that previously you could only translate between English and other languages, but now you can translate into any of the 100+ languages supported on Google Translate".

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A language detection option is also now available to assist people travelling in places with multiple languages, such as South America where both Portuguese and Spanish is spoken. "Translate app can now determine what language the sign is in, and then translate it for you into your language of choice", said Google.

Users can downloaded languages onto their device for use without an internet connection. The more interesting improvement, however, was in the live translation department with text auto-detect. Google says it will reduce errors by 55-85%, bringing you more accurate and natural translations.

Google has begun rolling out the new update for the Translate app. if you haven't gotten the update, chances are it will reach you within the coming few weeks.

Google is also introducing Neural Machine Translation within its instant camera translations.

In addition, Google says the camera translation tool can now automatically detect the input language, assuming the user sets "Detect language" as the source language.

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