Pokemon Sword & Shield shows off new Pokemon & Gigantamaxing in latest trailer

Ruben Fields
July 12, 2019

We're excited and horrified to find out what happens to the rest of the Gigantamax Pokemon when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 25 this year.

Nintendo and Game Freak continue to roll out information on Pokemon Sword and Shield, confirming some long-standing rumors about the game's mechanics.

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Rolycoly, rock type. It's a... pile of coal. It's possible that legendaries other than these two wolves will be version-exclusive, as well, as certain Pokemon were in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Ultra Wormholes. However, in an interesting twist, Bea will be an exclusive gym leader to Pokemon Sword and Allister will only be fought in Pokemon Shield. We also have a champion confirmed: Leon! In this video, we learn of how to go even further beyond, with Gigantamax, which not only changes a Pokemon's size, but also its appearance as well. As his name implies, Rose is the chairman of the Galar Pokemon league and is responsible for bringing Dynamaxing to the Pokemon battling table. Gigantamax pokemon will be monstrously big, have increased stats, and will be able to use exclusive Gigantamax moves. Trainers can catch Gigantamaxed Pokemon when they participate in Max Raid Battles, which will the website notes will be fairly rare. The trailer showed what appeared to be Alcremie or part of its evolutionary line Gigantamaxing into a giant wedding cake.

Preordering the game can also get you a plush keychain of one of the starters, while downloading the game before January 15 will get you 12 quick balls for use in the game.

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