Conservative leadership: Hunt 'expects' Brexit by Christmas

Clay Curtis
July 14, 2019

But, when pressed during an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil, he refused to say whether the United Kingdom would have left by Christmas, though claimed "it's not going to be months".

"Chancellor Merkel had said to me that if a new British prime minister came forward with a different plan for the Northern Irish border, of course they would look at the package", he said.

As the two candidates' first head-to-head leadership debate unfolded, the scandal around the United Kingdom ambassador and the reactions of both candidates took centerstage over traditionally heated issues such as the two hopeful's handling of Brexit.

He said parliament would be "willing to sit at weekends, will be willing to sit late, to do this" but that it "may take a few extra days and I would be willing to allow those days".

Both Mr Hunt or Mr Johnson will opt over from Mrs Could well the subsequent day. And there's another reason why we have to be careful about this 31st of October date.

"He's been clear that that was one of the factors and I think it's a great shame", Mr Hunt said in an interview with Mr Neil.

Sharing screen space, Boris Johnson, Hunt's rival and the frontrunner in the leadership contest, said the United Kingdom would leave by October 31 "come what may", and that if this did not happen it would lead to "a huge erosion of trust in politics".

In his BBC interview, Mr Hunt reaffirmed his commitment to leave the European Union without a deal if he was unable to negotiate a new agreement with Brussels on the terms of the UK's withdrawal.

Well, we should say they seemed like easy questions, but Johnson quickly tied himself up in knots answering it, getting hung up the paragraphs and article numbers, while apparently willfully ignoring any surrounding details.

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The former foreign secretary said his words had been "misrepresented" during a televised leadership debate last night.

Mr Johnson's lack of explicit support for the envoy in Tuesday's TV leadership debate following a tirade of abuse from US President Donald Trump was widely seen as the final straw in his decision to quit.

On other policies, Jeremy Hunt failed to distinguish himself as foreign secretary, and recently come down against the U.S. in relation to the ambassadorial controversy, suggesting that a United States free trade deal would be more problematic under him, said Collins.

But in contrast, his opponent Mr Johnson said it was "absolutely insane" to say that Britain is prepared to delay Brexit again. "There are other things - I mediate I doubtless if truth be told might well also unprejudiced quiet have confidence accomplished the TV debates". That came as British police opened an inquiry into the leak.

A spokeswoman for Theresa May said: "The Prime Minister has always been clear that leaving without a deal would be disruptive".

Mrs May said she had wrongly assumed MPs would be "eager to get Brexit over the line".

She said if the future relationship had been negotiated alongside there would not have been the same issue with the backstop.

Johnson still has critics from within his own Conservative Party, with former prime minister Sir John Major saying in an interview he would support legal action to prevent Johnson shutting down the House of Commons. But also a degree of disappointment because there was more that I wanted to do.

In an interview with BBC, she called Brexit negotiations "incredibly frustrating", saying too many members of Parliament had become "entrenched" in their positions and unwilling to compromise. "But everybody in Parliament had a responsibility in how they voted on this issue".

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