Ex Spartan Malik McDowell fights Lathrup Village officer in wild video

Tanya Simon
July 14, 2019

The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, appears to show McDowell, 23, exchanging words with a Lathrup Village police officer outside a local gas station in February. The 6-foot-6, 300-pounder wasn't having it, though, especially considering the February conditions, and asked to speak to the police officer's supervisor.

The officer commanded McDowell to stay put in his vehicle while the officer called for help, but McDowell neglected the order and got out of the auto, making his way towards the gas station's convenience store.

Malik McDowell was once touted to be a potential rising star in the National Football League when the Seahawks took a chance and drafted him in the second round, but he never get a shot to play in a regular-season game, and it may never happen, after watching a video which has recently surfaced.

The backup officer, who helped subdue McDowell, later wrote in a police report that Malik "grabbed for my gun as I was trying to grab his arm".

The free agent and aged Michigan Teach defensive tackle used to be pulled over after authorities reportedly witnessed his jeep spinning out while speeding.

It's once McDowell manages to get past the officer and into the station's convenience store that things escalate.

One officer claimed McDowell reached for their gun before he was subdued.

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After McDowell refused to get on his stomach, the officer tased him, to no avail. However, he pulled out the prongs and began to wrestle with the arresting officer before backup arrived.

McDowell refuses, and the officer tases him.

Malik McDowell in a 2017 file photograph.

A police account got by TMZ acknowledged that officers were issued a warrant to establish a blood sample from McDowell even if the effects of that test were now not integrated.

In June, McDowell was arraigned for an April incident in which he is charged with receiving a stolen pickup truck with $74,000.

McDowell, who played at Michigan State and was born in Detroit, has a court date regarding that incident set for July 28.

However, in July 2017 he was injured in an ATV accident and never played for the Seahawks, becoming the highest drafted player to never play a single National Football League match in the team's history, according to the Seattle Times. He became as soon as sued by the crew for almost $800,000 after failing to pay serve his signing bonus.

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