Sloth And Guide Dog Among New Emojis Unveiled Today

Ruben Fields
July 17, 2019

I love emojis, and I love that Apple keeps adding new symbols to the iPhone every single year. "With this update, emoji with no gender specified will default to a gender ambiguous design on Android-but you can still choose between male and female presentations if want to opt into a gender".

World Emoji Day is held on June 17 - it's an unofficial "holiday" that celebrates the existence of emoji, the small pictures that replaced emoticons and revolutionized how people communicate. While there are already tons of emoticons on our devices, ranging from faces to national flag, Apple is celebrating the event by bringing a host of new inclusive and diverse emojis to their platforms.

The update also includes a number of new variations for gender and skin tones for the "people holding hands" emoji, enabling users to create a wider range of mixed gender and ethnicity couples when using emoji.

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It's World Emoji Day and Apple has taken the opportunity to unveil some of the new emoji that it announced at WWDC last month. There are a total of 59 new emoji designs. Those include a guide/service dog, wheelchairs, a hearing aid, prosthetic limbs and more.

In perhaps the most relatable finding, we use emojis to soften the blow of a hard message (31 per cent) and we also send them to come across as more friendly (49 per cent). On the other hand, Android users can access the new icons early by participating in the Android Q beta program or waiting until the official release of Android Q becomes available.

Emojis for waffles, falafels, butter and garlic.

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