Dollar Bill makes dreams come true.

Daniel Fowler
July 18, 2019

Bill started his charity as soon as he had started making sufficiently a lot of money. Since childhood, Bill has been a true sports fan and has helped local youth football clubs to develop.

When Bill has engaged in large bets when he already had an analysts` team, once his neighbors got into trouble: their house burned down.  The capper, without any hesitation, decided to help his close friends and gave them a house in the neighborhood quarter. This news quickly spread among city citizens and Bill became a local national hero.

Just after that Bill's home and work address began to receive mails with the request to help. From time to time he was helping people, saving them from a plight, and fulfilling their dreams.

“Bill was always glowing with the thought that he could help someone. Sometimes it seems to me that he works only for such an opportunity, which clearly makes him a happy and fulfilled person" - Daniel Hodge, an analyst at the Dollar Bill Company.

Now there is in Bill's office a separate mailbox, where everyone can ask him for help or request him to make a dream come true. Once a month, the company collectively selects one appeal and helps its addressee.

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