Google Stadia controllers won’t be Bluetooth compatible

Ruben Fields
July 19, 2019

This was revealed by Andrey Doronichev Google Stadia Director of Products, during Google Stadia AMA on Reddit this Thursday. In what will be music to the ears of many, achievements will be coming to Stadia, and they'll be "similar to other platforms" - unfortunately, this isn't going to be ready until after the official launch.

A Stadia Pro subscription will cost $9.99 Dollars / $11.99 CAD / £8.99, and includes streaming up to 4K and access to a growing catalogue of "older" games starting with Destiny 2 and expanding from there, but you'll need to purchase the latest games outright if you want to play them on day one.

A free version called Stadia Base is also set to launch next year, enabling you to play content at 1080p.

Though, no specific timeframe has been confirmed for when this will happen.

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To be clear, Stadia Pro is not "Netflix for Games" like some people have mentioned, a closer comparison would be like Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus. "Will come a bit later". "Stadia Pro subscribers will get the 4K streaming with HDR, 5.1 audio, exclusive discounts and access to some free games" the Director said during the session. Players who subscribe to Stadia Base will not receive the periodically free games and will only have access to the database of Stadia; any games Stadia Base players want will then have to be bought.

The first free title will be Bungie's Destiny 2, the popular multiplayer shooter.

While this lack of functionality will not be a deal breaker for many, given how Google Stadia is looking to push the envelope for the gaming industry, not having Bluetooth support feels like a missed opportunity. On the Stadia controller product page, Google notes that while Bluetooth support will be switched off at launch, it may be enabled down the road. More or less will be one a month.

Doronichev was also asked what will happen in the event Stadia fails to attract users, and shuts down. Even today with Skyrim being almost eight years old there are still mods being made for the game and it's still being played by loads of fans. What do you make of Google Stadia Pro? Not every feature announced will be available day 1.

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