Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stuck in Australia after plane breaks down

Clay Curtis
July 19, 2019

Mr Morrison made it clear the policy will not change, but Ms Ardern said she will keep raising it.

Successive New Zealand governments have raised concern with the policy, after more than 1,500 Kiwi criminals were deported since the rules were tightened in 2014.

But the biggest business worry between Australia and New Zealand is one that went unmentioned.

The question and answer session of that event was closed to the media.

Another policy area where the Australian Government is unlikely to shift is New Zealand's ongoing offer to resettle refugees housed in offshore detention on Manus Island and Nauru.

Although Ardern might not have come away from the meeting with Morrison with the commitment she might have wanted, she would take some comfort in the fact she was received well by the people of Melbourne.

But Ardern told the event, organised by the Australian and New Zealand School of Government, that fear and blame was an "easy political out".

The Australian's cartoon about RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr as the grim reaper demonstrates the unease felt by some Australian financial observers about the new, tougher approach he has taken.

The NZ public service workforce will also become more diverse and inclusive to reflect the communities it serves, she said.

"As we've continued to reiterate, this is ultimately an issue for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, they've undertaken consultation on the issue and it's not a matter for us".

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"She brings the issue up every time, it's the same with previous Prime Ministers as well".

As New Zealand's economy is slowly recuperating from a sluggish 2018, when annual GDP growth fell to 2.8% from 3.6% just two years prior, maintaining strong support from Australian investors is critical.

Ardern said many of those deported on character grounds have spent most or all of their lives in Australia and often have no real ties to New Zealand.

"But we have seen cases where there is also nearly no connection of an individual to New Zealand who had been deported".

Mr Morrison has since moved initiatives at the G20 as part of the "Christchurch call" to send a message that social media and internet platforms "can't be weaponised by terrorists".

Of course, there are far more contentious topics which Ardern will have to navigate with Morrison.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will raise the "corrosive" issue of deportations of Kiwis from Australia as part of her meeting with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday - but the there's little chance of a change in Australian policy.

Having spoken about flagging business confidence within New Zealand as "the elephant in the room", the Prime Minister can ill-afford another pachyderm slouching across the ditch towards Wellington.

But Ardern's problems with Morrison would pale in comparison to a full-scale war with the Australian banks if that was to eventuate.

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