PUBG MOBILE Gets Third-Person Team Deathmatch In Latest Update

Ruben Fields
July 19, 2019

Today's trailer is very cinematic, which is rare for PUBG, telling a bit of an origin story of Erangel and a war that took place decades before people started killing each other for sport. Of course, Season 8 should begin in the next few days, and there's no shortage of themed events planned for the future, but if you'd prefer to pore through the changelog yourself, I've pasted it in its entirety directly below. - The Classic Mode Results Screen has been adjusted.

First Look Inside the 'CATS' Movie
As one could imagine, large-scale sets and elaborate costuming were required to make humans look like cats . The stage musical once held the record for the longest-running musical on Broadway and London's West End.

If you are a fan of the game, you will surely notice the changes made for the hills, the rocks, and trees, or the added buildings. Yeah it was kind of janky but no other game let you instantly parachute onto an island full of weapons and 99 other players until there was only one left standing. This will bring new cosmetic items like new skins along with more than 100 rewards. This weapon will use 9mm bullets, and with the extended magazine, it will fire 53 shots in a single round. After completing the missions, players can listen to the new PMCO song by Alan Walker, and get the PMCO Theme for the Main Menu. This trailer teases answers to those questions and more by seemingly starring the unknown player behind these battlegrounds. Now, all users with tiers below Gold will transfer to the next season as is, with no tier changes. Reach Diamond tier to get Season-exclusive weapon finishes. Another feature that has been introduced is requesting elite pass or elite pass plus from friends from the royale pass purchase page. AFTERMATH will become active on July 23, 2019 for players to partake in the hunt for the latest season's goodies. PUBG's season 4 patch is presently available on the game's test server and is ready to go live on PC July 24. Katie covers economy and community events for News Lair. The PUBG Mobile patch will install itself once you launch the game so no need to wait for the update to appear on the Play Store. You can turn it on to delight nearby players with some tunes.

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