Australian family devastated after son and girlfriend found murdered beside Canadian highway

Clay Curtis
July 20, 2019

Lucas Robertson Fowler of Australia was found dead along with his girlfriend Chynna Noelle Deese along the Alaska Highway in northern B.C. on Monday.

Police are investigating the deaths of Chynna Noelle Deese and Lucas Robertson Fowler, whose bodies were found along the Alaska Highway on Monday.

Fowler, who was the son of a police inspector in New South Wales, was travelling the world with Deese, his girlfriend, according to a statement from the Fowler family.

"To know his lovely girlfriend, Chynna Deese, of Charlotte, North Carolina, also lost her life in this violent event is too cruel".

Mr Deese said his sister's relationship with Mr Fowler was "the most ideal love story".

Police were alerted to a blue minivan with Alberta registration plates at the scene, and authorities wanted to speak with anyone travelling in the area who may have had dashcam footage.

Seeking to solve the "unique" killing of two tourists in northeastern British Columbia, the RCMP say they are not sure if the victims were targeted or subject to a crime of opportunity.

"We are all now travelling to Canada to be with our boy and to bring him home", says the family's statement on the New South Wales police website.

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NSW Police have sent two homicide detectives to Canada to support the Fowler family, but they will not form part of the RCMP investigative team. The RCMP confirmed at this time they have found nothing that would connect this homicide to any current or past cases.

"Our heartfelt condolences go out to both families, but certainly being you know a very competent experienced and fantastic police officer, it's just made all the more sad for Stephen and his family", he said.

It will be sometime before Mr Fowler's body can be repatriated back to Australia, due to standard procedures, he said. "They were exploring attractive British Columbia", Sgt. Shoihet said. "We are all still in shock and heartbroken", wrote Kennedy.

Police, including investigators from the Lower Mainland, are still on scene and are trying to determine a timeline of events, as well as "all the details related to the van", including whether it was being driven by the couple, she said.

"There is still much debate over the exact number of women who have gone missing in northern BC, but many people living in the north believe that the number exceeds 30", said the website.

Canadian police are looking for anyone who saw the vehicle or offered assistance.

The van was parked on the shoulder of the Alaska Highway, hood propped open, prompting mechanic Curtis Broughton to stop and ask the travellers if they needed help.

Members of a grieving Australian family are on their way to Canada to recover the body of a young man killed in northeastern British Columbia, along with his American girlfriend.

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