It Chapter Two trailer: Pennywise is still terrifying

Brenda Watkins
July 20, 2019

Pennywise from the original IT might be one of Tim Curry's most iconic performances, but you can't fault Bill Skarsgård's version - he's creepy as hell and utterly malevolent. Fortunately, fans can now watch the first trailer for themselves which was released on Thursday morning. Warner Brothers doesn't seem like to waste any time and want to release the movie as soon as possible. The trailer also introduces Teach Grant as the adult Henry Bowers, who breaks out of a sanatorium to help Pennywise destroy the Losers Club.

Just from the trailer, it's evident that things are going to take a much darker tone in this film and we can't wait for the sleepless nights. As well as revealing the new footage, Muschietti and star Jessica Chastain also proudly declared that one particular scene in Chapter Two is the bloodiest ever made. The video begins with Jessica Chastain, who plays grown-up Beverly Marsh, which is short-lived while the original nostalgia is lovely. Nevertheless, the killer clown is yet to be seen. "You did what Mrs Kersh's dad did", questioned Beverly.

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By the end of the video, the viewers could hear the giggling of the clown, which is terrifying as hell. The first film was so incredibly well done I've been eager to see how they wrap up the Stephen King adaptation. It's a rare chance to be nostalgic both for '80s childhood memories and for a movie that came out two years ago, so it's a win-win.

I assume Pennywise could be a greater villain due to his brutality and the dedication actor has stored in it. Whereas many praised the grownup Losers Membership's impeccable casting, others requested who's the 2019 village villain, Avengers Thanos or Pennywise?

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