Michelle Obama weighs in on Trump feud

Clay Curtis
July 20, 2019

There has been an argument between US President Donald Trump and four Democratic congresswomen - Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

But just moments after the chant took place, Trump reprised his own racist words.

Video footage showing Omar arriving in Minnesota on Thursday afternoon showed a crowd of dozens of people screaming and greeting her. "And I think this really horrendous narrative that says, as a Muslim, I'm supposed to explain, apologise, for the actions of someone who's also terrorising me, is absurd".

Trump in a tweet this week said the four congresswomen should "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came".

"This is about socialism versus freedom", top House Republican Kevin McCarthy told reporters this week.

Omar was born in Somalia and was given asylum in the United States with her parents, she became an American citizen in 2000. "I would say that I was not happy with it". He then threw his supporters under the bus, saying "I didn't say it, they did", even though he ignited the chants with tweets in which he has originally asked the four female non-white lawmakers to go back to their country if they did not like America.

Trump on Thursday sought to distance himself from supporters' chants of "send her back" at a rally where he blasted Omar, as his fellow Republicans anxious the sharp rhetoric might become a theme of his 2020 re-election campaign.

"We do not accept information that is going to change the trajectory of our elections, from hostile governments". But it was quite a chant, and I felt a little bit badly about it.

It was another dizzying twist in a saga sparked by the president's tweets, which opponents have called racist, about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who moved from Somalia as a child, and her colleagues Reps.

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The chants at the Trump rally brought criticism from GOP lawmakers as well as from Democrats, though the Republicans did not fault Trump himself. "He thinks this is a way to get them riled up now".

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of IL tweeted that it was "ugly, wrong, & would send chills down the spines of our Founding Fathers".

Trump has said he was not happy with the chant, which started after he criticized Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar who was born in Somalia. "This ugliness must end, or we risk our great union".

A day after Donald Trump tried to distance himself from racist chants heard at one of his campaign rallies, the U.S. president praised the crowd as one full of "incredible patriots".

It was also the latest demonstration of how Trump's verbal cannonades are capable of dominating the news.

Omar was defiant Thursday, telling reporters at the Capitol that she believes the president is a "fascist" and casting the confrontation as a fight over "what this country truly should be". Democrats had hoped the spotlight on Thursday would be on House passage of legislation to boost the minimum wage for the first time in a decade.

Trump has made defamatory comments accusing her of praising al-Qaeda, and saying that she downplayed the 9/11 terror attacks.

"The chants at last night's rally were offensive, and I'm glad the President has disavowed them", said Senator Mitt Romney, a Republican from Utah.

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