Kyle Stanley Receives Criticism For Not Yelling ‘Fore’ After Errant Shot

Tanya Simon
July 22, 2019

This followed Stanley twice neglecting to shout fore, once when he hit a marshall on the shin on the 14th hole and secondly when he hit the mother of MacIntyre's caddy who was standing in the crowd at the 17th. So I'm surprised it's kind of come to this point.' The 31-year-old added that he would not be seeking anyone out to apologise, and he did not appreciate MacIntyre confronting him as they walked down the 17th hole. I just explained to him my side of it, just like I told you guys. "My playing partner doesn't shout "Fore", his ball goes into the crowd, we're shouting "Fore" as the ball is coming into the crowd", MacIntyre said. And we expect them to shout "fore". I know it hit his caddie's mom's hands after the bounce, and that's unfortunate. "She's all right, I think, but it's not what you want". If they get a video recording of an incident like that, then fine the players accordingly.

"I'm not really sure why he decided to make such an issue about it", said Stanley, who shot a 2-over 73 to finish at 2 over through 54 holes.

"As far as I'm concerned, a number of people yelled 'Fore.' He made the argument that since I hit the ball, it maybe should have come out of my mouth first, and I guess I can see that".

"But it's unfortunate it ended up the way it did. My intention was never to do anything negative or put anybody in the gallery in harm's way".

After all, Stanley said, his wife was in the gallery. I was surprised. I was caught off guard that it even came up, really. He said that because five to seven people on the tee immediately alerted the crowd that an errant drive was incoming, he didn't bother. MacIntryre said the ball hit his caddie's mom, although no medical attention was required.

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The American denied the exchange with MacIntyre became ill tempered.

"And listen, I saw what he said last night. I mean, everyone to the right of that ball, they knew it was coming", he said. All I know is after I hit the ball it wasn't but a couple of seconds when several people on the tee box started shouting fore. I went up there and the first thing that I asked everybody was if I hit anybody. "When you talk about somebody playing within the boundaries of etiquette in golf, that's kind of a touchy situation", he added.

"When you tell your story you've got to make sure you've got all the details and from what I read last night he didn't do that. I don't feel I need to be schooled in the laws of golf".

"Injuries to spectators are a serious concern to the PGA Tour", the memo said.

A tee shot from Brooks Koepka also struck a French woman at the Ryder Cup in Paris a year ago, blinding her in one eye.

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