Fortnite new weapon Scout Sniper Rifle is officially coming to the game

Ruben Fields
July 23, 2019

As Fortnite fans are waiting for the next chapter of the Battle Royale game, the American videogame developer issued a warning to iOS users regarding the new Season 10 hardware requirements.

Fortnite is always looking for new ways to keep the game feeling fresh and the latest example of that is this new sniper rifle that could give players a serious competitive edge. "Stay ahead of the competition with this weather-tracking sniper rifle", which seemingly backs up what has already been leaked about the gun.

You need to have one that can run DirectX 11, or you'll no longer be allowed to drop anywhere, instead being forced to play other games.

The update will require no downtime and the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle should be available at exactly 8 AM ET, although with content updates, sometimes it takes over an hour for the weapon to actually be added to the game.

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The information regarding the inclusion of this weapon was leaked earlier by the data miners. "Knowledge is power", the message reads. Instead of running to the next storm location and risking being exposed, players who have the Storm Scout Sniper can head to the circle before everyone else and get a head start on their building and planning. It has been a while since Fortnite players received a new sniper rifle, however, making the content update particularly exciting.

The sniper rifle will come in two rarities, epic and legendary.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is expected to arrive in the next major update (v9.50) of the game.

The basic reason for that is it delivers massive damage in one shot and can work as a meta for the game.

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