Boris Johnson criticises European Union lack of cooperation on Brexit deal

Clay Curtis
August 12, 2019

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new fast-track visa to attract elite scientists to live and work in the United Kingdom, in light of the nation leaving the European Union later this year.

Critics say he's deliberately spoiling for a fight with Brussels so he can crash out of the EU.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pleaded with Britain's most senior civil servant to prevent PM Boris Johnson ramming through a no-deal Brexit during a snap general election campaign that may take place this autumn.

MPs are now on summer recess and are not scheduled to get back to Westminster until September 3.

The IfG said even if rebels from Johnson's Conservative Party decide to go "nuclear" and support a no-confidence vote in the Prime Minister, there are risks involved in such an approach.

Whether a parliamentary vote of no-confidence in the government would prove successful is another matter, however, but with a tiny majority of just one, it's entirely possible Johnson may be forced into calling an election, almost two years earlier than now scheduled.

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One petitioner, Edinburgh South Labour MP Ian Murray, said: "When Boris Johnson unveiled his vacuous slogan "taking back control", voters weren't told that this could mean shutting down parliament".

However, No 10 is not expecting any breakthrough until the European Union has seen what happens in the first weeks of September, when a cross-party alliance of Tory and opposition MPs try to take a no-deal Brexit off the table.

The document was reportedly drawn up after a strategy meeting involving a cross-party group of MPs last week, and is believed to have been discussed with the Labour Party leadership. He believes a deal is in the UK's and the EU's best interests and he has said he will be energetic in pursuit of a deal. "It is something that we can deal with".

The Institute for Government (IFG) said MPs may have limited opportunities to stop a no deal Brexit on Halloween.

"There's every possibility for the European Union to show flexibility and there's bags of time for them to do it and I'm confident they will", he added.

Buckland added: "there is a difference between crashing out and not achieving a deal", and said ongoing work would "avoid the chaos of a crash-out".

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