Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack Canceled Because It Was ‘Technically Demanding’

Ruben Fields
August 13, 2019

Xbox Game Studios' Mojang has announced that they have canceled the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack. When it didn't arrive previous year, either, gamers starting wondering if the update was ever coming. It seems that after at least two years of development, the pack was not coming together as Mojang had hoped and has ceased development, despite the excitement for the optional expansion.

Upgrading the visuals of an existing game turns out to be a tricky prospect - even if that game is Minecraft, a title known for its huge pixels, which has had a planned 4K texture pack cancelled owing to technical difficulties. Development on the Super Duper Graphics Pack has been halted, but the team is looking into other ways for fans to experience Minecraft with a new look.

The most logical implication here is that Mojang couldn't find a way to build an engine that both delivered the capabilities they wanted at the top-end and still offered an acceptable level of performance on lower-end hardware. Considering this pack was announced as a way to showcase the power of Scorpio (Xbox One X) and that it will now never see the light of day, to say it's disappointing, is a bit of an understatement. The texture pack was supposed to include lighting changes and 4K support for the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. So while there may not be an official answer to updated and improved graphics, there are still plenty of options for getting the most of your Minecraft experience.

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If Minecraft was just a PC game, then this would be a unusual decision indeed.

The announcement doesn't get much more specific than that, so we don't know exactly which platforms were holding the DLC back.

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