Teenage Fortnite World Champ Bugha gets swatted during livestream

Ruben Fields
August 13, 2019

Gaming superstar Bugha - who just won $3 MILLION in the Fortnite World Cup - was swatted during a Twitch stream on Saturday. after someone pretending to be Bugha called police and claimed he killed his father.

Fortnite, a hugely popular Darwinism simulator, is also a hugely popular spectator sport. Bugha is interrupted by his father telling him there are armed police at the door, to which he asks, "I got swatted?"

One of these players is Kyle "Bugha" Gierdorf, the recently crowned Fortnite World Cup champion.

"Swatting" is a prank phenomenon in the gaming community that sends a SWAT law enforcement unit to an unaware player while they are live streaming gameplay. A clip of the stream shows the moment when the incident happened.

"Did he just leave mid-game?" another gamer could be heard asking. It's disappointingly not unheard of for disgruntled gamers to call the police on rivals or streamers.

"Well that's a new one", Bugha said when he return to the stream.

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Several shots were fired in the shooting, but no one was seriously injured. "We are trying to combat this, but it's a challenge". Police also charged the suspect with murder after his 17-year-old stepsister was found dead in a separate location.

Not only does swatting waste the resources of emergency services, it can and has resulted in serious injury and death. "They literally pulled up, holy shit".

Swatting is a form of criminal harassment where someone makes a false report about a unsafe situation in the hopes of dispatching police or emergency services to another person's address. The swatting originated from a dispute over Call of Duty, which Finch was not even involved in. Fortunately, one of the officers knew him, so they were able to clear up the situation and Gierdorf could resume playing.

The other gamers on his team continued to play, and won the game in his absence. "Jesus Christ, the internet's f**king insane".

In this case, authorities said the caller reported to emergency operators that Giersdorf had shot his father.

Here's hoping the police track the swatter down.

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