Your phone can now verify you in Google Passwords

Ruben Fields
August 13, 2019

Many people tend to create simple passwords so they're memorable, but that also leaves them vulnerable to cracking when passwords leak. However, that's only true for one service and select Android phones right now.

The authentication methods now available will largely mirror the options you have when unlocking your phone.

Available today for Pixel devices and coming to all Android devices with a fingerprint reader and running Nougat+ in the next couple of days, you can now use your fingerprint to log into certain services when using Chrome for Android.

If you want to try the new feature for yourself, just visit using Google Chrome on your Android device - you should see a pop-up that asks you to verify your identity.

It's actually very secure as it's based on the FIDO2 standards, W3C WebAuthn, and FIDO CTAP. Like the fingerprint recognition or the PIN and the sequence. The company said it'll soon enable more Google and Google cloud services that allow this authentication method. This key can then be used for secondary verification without the need for a password. In this way, moreover, Google's servers will not get this data.

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However, Google has said that the new feature is now being rolled out to Pixel phones first, and will arrive on devices running Android 7.0 Nougat or newer followin that, so it shouldn't be long before it becomes easier to log into other Google services through Chrome on Android. First, your device must be running Android Nougat or higher and contain your Google Account.

Not everyone may like the idea of Google using biometrics for login purposes.

Google says it has automated protections that prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing user account, but no system built on passwords is flawless.

Starting today, you can go to Google's password manager site on your smartphone and log in with a tap.

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