China condemns United States backing for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong

Daniel Fowler
August 19, 2019

Some protesters said on Saturday that they were saving their energy for Sunday, when the pro-democracy Civil Human Rights Front, which organised million-strong peaceful marches in June, has scheduled a rally in Victoria Park, in the bustling shopping district of Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island.

"Twitter is taking money from Chinese propaganda outfits and running these promoted tweets against the top Hong Kong protest hashtags", Pinboard tweeted.

While one can understand that Twitter relies on advertising for revenues, profiting from disinformation by sending out anti-Hong Kong protest messages sets a wrong precedent.

Peaceful protesters gather for a rally in Victoria Park in Hong Kong.

Hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters joined a mass rally in Hong Kong on Sunday, filling major thoroughfares in heavy rain in the eleventh week of what have been often violent demonstrations in the Asian financial hub.

Clashes between protesters and police grew more intense last week when demonstrators organized a city-wide strike and stormed Hong Kong International Airport, forcing the cancellation of numerous flights in and out of the world's busiest airport for two days.

Counterprotesters also marched, calling for China and Hong Kong to be unified as one nation.

"I'm always for freedom and democracy, no doubt, but not continued rioting for two months on the street, not using violence", Wu said "I don't care what kind of noble, ideal cause you have". These include the release of imprisoned protesters, investigations into the actions of police officers, the full resignation of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam and a more democratic election process for members of the Legislative Council and Chief Executive.

Victor Feng, one of the organizers of the counterprotest, said that he started to plan the rally after seeing social media posts about a rally at the consulate planned by the pro-Hong Kong camp.

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For overseas Chinese Seuisang Gong, Sunday's rally was a good chance to show his support for the HKSAR government and Hong Kong police to investigate the criminal responsibility of the rioters.

"Interestingly, that they can not do this protest in China, and we are here to show them how free we are", he said.

On Friday, the CEO of Cathay Pacific Airways resigned amid mounting Chinese regulatory scrutiny of the Hong Kong carrier over the involvement of its employees in the protests. They said that they wished to relay their empathy for the injured female medic, while expressing dissent to the government and police for "turning a blind eye" to protesters' demands.

On the other side of the protest, Lin Xu, a realtor based in Boston, likened the strife in Hong Kong to a family fight.

He said Hong Kong's 7.5 million people and the Chinese population as a whole rejected the actions of a "very small group of violent protesters" as well as "any interference of foreign forces".

Wan also said Chinese state media is reporting inaccurate information about the protests, making it hard for the Chinese community to have a clear view of what is happening.

He added that the current generation is much more patriotic and nationalistic than previous ones.

"We are Hong Kongers".

Cherise Seucharan is a Vancouver-based reporter covering crime and public safety.

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