Pokemon Sword and Shield LEAKED: Nintendo Switch owners in for a treat

Ruben Fields
August 19, 2019

With Pokemon Worlds in full swing, developer Game Freak released a new trailer detailing the changes made to Pokemon Sword & Shield's battle system. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the new battles mechanics that will be introduced in the game.

The newly revealed Galarian Weezing has an ability called Neutralizing Gas, which turns off the abilities of every Pokemon nearby. However, it is now sure what will happen if the two GalarianWeezings moves on to the floating heads. When this ability goes into effect, it negates all other Pokemon abilities on the field, including the trainer's partner Pokemon.

These elements are going to be in play throughout a player's time in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Similarly to existing GX cards (which, by the way, look likely to be retired come Sword and Shield's release), V cards will be some of the most powerful available in the TCG and, of course, the hardest to pull out of a pack.

Casual Battles are different, as they are non-competitive battle but instead created to make players a better Trainer. You can also rent up to five teams from other players at once, and even take them into ranked battles. I'm also curious to see how these new abilities and moves will factor into competitive battles.

Many new Abilities have been discovered in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield!

However, obtaining a Pokemon with hidden abilities is extremely rare.

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The awesome new Legendary Pokemon will reportedly be known as Eternatus, and will be reawakened through the power of Dynamaxing. For example, the attack of a Dynamax Pokemon may lower the hit Pokemon's speed, and it could also increase the attack trainer's Pokemon attacks in the process. When a Pokemon has its stats lowered while holding Eject Pack, it will then quickly switch out so another Pokemon can be used.

Corviknight, one of the brand-new Pokemon in this region, has an ability called Mirror Armor.

With Pokemon Worlds ushering in the spirit of competition, a new trailer revealed the new Battle Stadium feature for Pokemon Sword & Shield.

There's even a Galar Pokemon that looks a bit like Gene Simmons from Kiss.

You can see most of the new information revealed today in-action by watching the trailer above.

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