PUBG crossplay coming to PS4 and Xbox One this fall

Ruben Fields
August 20, 2019

The battle royale is bringing its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One audiences together later this year by introducing cross-platform play with the release of season four.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. had some big news to share during Microsoft's pre-Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox. The update will also see the addition of rebalancing and an overhaul of the game's original map, Erangel. A new progression mechanic called co-op missions will allow players to progress through the pass by achieving certain milestones together, unlocking new rewards. If not its free on the Xbox store with game pass, and it is a blast.

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Are you excited for PUBG cross-platform play? This should come on the public test server in late September, followed by the live servers a week later in early October. Not only does cross-play offer a larger player pool for faster matchmaking and filled games, but the system also allows players on different consoles a chance to play with or against one another. This has been, hands down, the most requested feature since we launched on consoles and we're so happy to finally provide this for our console community. Be sure to look out for further details and patch notes on our official website and forums. Yes, if you have been playing the game on your PC, then this support will not be available on your console. Starting with season 4, there will be a two-week difference from the time an update goes live on PC to when it's available on consoles.

All of these exciting announcements could not have been possible without you, our wonderful community.

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