Google Nest users can now migrate to a Google Account

Ruben Fields
August 22, 2019

This comes after Nest and Google Home were joined together to create a 'more helpful home'.

Alexa integrations will continue to work until the replacement has been sorted, but IFTTT has confirmed that sticking with the soon-to-be abandoned platform will lead to some stark choices down the road.

If you own a Nest device, IFTTT has a word of warning: do not migrate your Nest account over to Google unless you are fine with irreversibly disconnecting IFTTT and other "Works with Nest" integrations.

Your homes and home members will be aligned across the Nest and Google Home apps.

One account to sign into both the Nest and Google Home apps. "Works with Google" offers far fewer options that "Works With Nest", and you only have to look at the slow progress with YouTube Music to see that the chances of getting that same feature set in the near future are slim. "This process is not reversible". This means you'll have to take careful stock of your Nest integrations before you switch and make sure you know what will and won't break.

Google wants Nest owners to move their Nest accounts over to Google accounts. Migrating to a Google account will also mean automatic integration with the Google Assistant, where before you had to link your Nest account via an additional setup step. Google advises you wait to migrate your account until you receive an email notification. For me, my favorite Nest app will stop working.

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First-time users shouldn't have any issues, but it's still likely that some IFTTT recipes won't work going forward.

Those using Works with Nest with other partners should also be wary.

Smart home devices have proven to be a godsend for homeowners. Nest notes that some partners may end support earlier, however.

The closedown was delayed, but the plan is still to close on 31 August before there's any formal migration to the wider "Works with Google" programme. The resulting wizard will let you create a Google account if you don't already have one.

Here's everything you need to know on switching your Nest account to a Google Account, including what the benefits are, how you do it and what you should be aware of before you do.

My father's Google account, for instance, was locked out for several weeks thanks to a false-positive on Google's part and it was a tremendous headache to try to get the account unlocked (or even talk to a real human being to get help). Nest customers were not happy about this feature removal, as there are some legitimate reasons for wanting to disable the light. Transition periods aren't always easy though, especially not when you're as big and prominent as Nest and have hooks into a significant chunk of the smart home market.

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