China vows to retaliate if United States imposes new levies

Clay Curtis
August 23, 2019

China's trading partners see it as a technical issue that hampers the opening up of the China market.

There's always Fashion Week drama, but we don't remember a trade war being the cause of it before.

On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said he hopes that the USA and China can "get along" and resume "mutually beneficial" trade.

The president said China was experiencing one of the worst months in half a century economically under his tough trade policies and signaled optimism that they were ready to make a deal. US President Donald Trump proclaimed himself "the Chosen One" Wednesday as he defended his trade war against China, indicating that it was his destiny to take on Beijing.

China has offered to narrow its trade surplus by purchasing more soybeans and other USA exports but is resisting pressure to discard its industry development plans. But the US officials are more concerned that Chinese moves will erode the industrial leadership of America.

Stocks shot higher on Wall Street after the U.S. government announced it was delaying the implementation of tariffs on certain goods imported from China.

The bilateral negotiations are also stuck by what should follow after the deal is signed.

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United States and Chinese negotiators are due to meet in September in Washington.

But President Donald Trump later backed off part of the plan, delaying duties on some items such as cellphones, laptops and other consumer goods to mid-December, in the hopes of blunting their impact on USA holiday sales. The last round of talks in Shanghai in July ended with no indication of progress.

Negotiators talked by phone August 13 and agreed to talk again within two weeks, Gao said.

Gao repeated a Chinese threat of unspecified "corresponding countermeasures" if Trump's tariff hike goes ahead.

The United States recently delayed duties on some Chinese goods in the hopes of blunting their impact on USA holiday sales. He later postponed the tariff hike on about 60 percent of those goods to December 15.

Beijing appealed to Washington to "meet China halfway" and end a tariff war after Trump said Americans might need to endure economic pain to achieve longer-term benefits.

Many worldwide companies have relocated their production to countries such as Vietnam and Mexico to avoid the USA tariffs.

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