Huawei’s Harmony OS phone won’t be showing up this year

Ruben Fields
August 24, 2019

Even if it's faster and better than Android, per Huawei's remarks during the operating system's launch, Harmony has two huge problems.

Huawei is planning to stick to Android for now, despite the dispute that almost left its phones without the popular operating system. Huawei has however made it clear that its HarmonyOS will only be pushed on to its smartphone if the U.S. doesn't fully clear the ban on the company. In case you were worrying about the possibility of having HarmonyOS run on the Mate 30 Pro flagship at launch, you should know that Huawei doesn't plan to launch a Harmony phone anytime soon unless the ban really does get enforced.

But Huawei senior vice president Vincent Yang yesterday said the company wants to "maintain one standard, one ecosystem", and that for now Harmony remains a second option, ZDNet sister site CNET reports. Some companies use them for other devices such as tablets and smartwatches.

Huawei launched its multi-platform operating system a few weeks ago, revealing the first Harmony device will be a Smart TV made by its sub-brand Honor.

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The Huawei official also hinted at an upcoming smartphone. Yang said that when it comes to phones running HarmonyOS, Huawei will wait until the last minute when it's certain there's no alternative before replacing Android.

Yang spoke about the current situation, saying it was unlikely that Huawei would launch a smartphone powered by its new OS. Huawei's new OS will be used when and if Google plans to pull the key components of Android such as Play Store or Maps from Huawei as a part of the trade-ban process. At the time of introduction, Huawei claimed that its new OS is created to work seamlessly across different platforms including TVs, smartphones, automobiles, wearables and more. It will also be coming with Android OS out of the box. In fact, it's been developed to Android OS on its smartphones.

The unreleased Huawei Mate X that's definitely running Android.

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