Now Google Photos Allows You to Search Text in Pictures

Ruben Fields
August 24, 2019

This new feature to search Google Photos for text could be related to a feature talked about at the 2017 I/O developer conference.

A new and very important feature has been added to Google Photos-one I believe would further attract more people to use the app. Google has updated its photos app with a new feature called optical character recognition [OCR] filter. Now, that's something we've never heard of before! The feature works randomly and we could not spot any specific pattern in preview play.

When will this feature be available officially? Find out all the details right here! This feature set is rolling out to users from this month onwards, so you can expect to see it on your smartphone in the near future. In fact, it has already been made live in some devices, and is ready to use. Google in a tweet is saying once major use case for this will be in places where WiFi passwords are impossible.

The addition of text search to Google Photos on its own is a pretty sweet upgrade, but when combined with Google Lens, things get even better.

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Google says the feature is rolling out starting this month. Though, the feature has been designed with ability to produce results regardless of the size of the texts, results are even ideal when it involves a screenshot.

Along with the search, you will also be able to copy and paste the text onto a document, form or note.

As 9To5Google reports, Google didn't make a big deal of the new feature, instead just confirming its existence in a Google Photos tweet responding to a user who'd noticed it was now possible to search by text. Google also needs to be your default search engine in your Chrome for Android app. Once the feature gives you the image that you are looking for, all you have to do is click the Lens button to copy and paste the text.

This will work for any image and any text, no matter how small it is or even if it is placed at any awkward angle.

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