Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Isn't Going to Meet Robert Pattinson's Batman

Brenda Watkins
September 10, 2019

It's an unusual victory for a comic book film, though, for a dramatic title that owes massively to Taxi Driver and stars an auteur's actor like Joaquin Phoenix, it's a little less surprising.

Joker tells the story of Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who begins a slow dissent into madness after being shunned by society.

"When I was 15 or 16 my brother River [Phoenix] came home from work and he had a VHS copy of a movie called "Raging Bull" and he sat me down and made me watch it". The movie presents a new origin story for the legendary Batman villain, showing how a failed comedian named Arthur Fleck can transform from a forgotten clown with no goal into Gotham City's most fearsome foe. Though it's not frequently referenced, the Joker has had an official name for decades - and that name is Jack Napier. Word is the movie is set at a time when all of Batman's villains are running loose in the streets, making them all potential suspects for a series of crimes the Dark Knight is investigating.

Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix.

In addition, due to the seriousness and tone that the plot will apparently have, it is said that this tape could be directly connected with The Batman, the next film of the batman directed by Matt Reeves, which will also have a more style "Noir" where the detective skills of this hero will be exploited much more.

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DC and Warner Bros. are branching out from the DCEU with standalone movies about Batman and his arch-nemesis the Joker, leading to fan speculation that the two might share their own movie universe. Philips spoke to Variety and confirmed that Batman and Joker are not meeting. The actor wanted to mold a Joker that has never been seen on screen before, and he spent time studying books about murderers and political assassins to help give his Joker a realistic backstory.

Although that kind of crossover doesn't seem to fit Phillips' vision for the character, he did say recently he would be up for a sequel to Joker if Phoenix would reprise his role.

Some have wondered if the movie will make viewers root for or against the character.

On April 3, Warner Bros Pictures released the first trailer for Joker.

Collider's Perri Nemiroff hailed "Joker" as one of the "most unnerving" movies she has seen in years. The original standalone story of the most fierce and iconic villain will crash the theatres with the audience going insane for Joaquin Phoenix, in and as "JOKER" on October 4th.

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