Labour Rebel Scorches Corbyn in Brexit Parliament Debate

Daniel Fowler
September 11, 2019

It would also intensify Labour's Brexit chaos, putting the deputy leader on a collision course with Jeremy Corbyn, who wants a late November election and then a Brexit referendum on a Labour deal.

He will warn that a snap election before the end of the year may fail to resolve the current deadlock.

"The only way to break the Brexit deadlock once and for all is a public vote in a referendum", he will say.

"We were very, very clear that if people wanted a democratic moment, if they wanted an election, we offered it to the Labour opposition and mysteriously they decided not to go for it".

The Prime Minister is reportedly setting himself up for an explosive Supreme Court battle over a no-deal Brexit.

Parliament will vote Monday evening on whether to hold a general election, before being suspended for five weeks into mid-October.

While Labour's Jeremy Corbyn has persistently called for a general election in recent years, and particularly since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister - accusing him of having no electoral mandate - he quickly changed his mind when the PM agreed there should be a snap vote last week, deciding that now was not the time.

He said: "The next Labour government will bring about the biggest extension of rights for workers that our country has ever seen".

"The Labour voters who voted Brexit in vast numbers in the North and the Midlands reject the direction that Jeremy Corbyn is taking the Labour Party and the anger is building up - and it's building up very rapidly".

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Mr Watson and other senior Labour figures, including Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer, say they will campaign to stay in the European Union in any circumstances.

The UK prime minister made a decision to send MPs home through October 14, but first tried to call a snap election to ensure his parliamentary majority, but the House of Commons twice opposed that proposal.

The left-wing rebel told Parliament, as he was chided by former colleagues for his comments, that: "I think it's absolutely incredible [Labour] lecturing anybody else about observing the rule of law... the leader of the opposition, the shadow chancellor, who have spent their entire time in politics defending all sorts of extremists and in some cases terrorists and antisemites".

These included continued customs union membership until the question of whether to leave could be settled at a general election; and closer alignment with the EU on workers' rights and environmental standards. "That is what the overwhelming majority of Labour party members, MPs and trade unions believe".

Calling for the publication of the draft WAB, Mr Kinnock said: 'The fact is that we are rooted in reality here.

Only 28% put the law before the Brexit deadline, while the remaining 21% said they didn't know what he should do.

'And I can tell you this: We're ready for that election.

"Only Boris Johnson and the Conservatives will deliver Brexit by 31 October, no ifs or buts, so we can move on and focus on the issues that matter to people - investing in the NHS, reducing violent crime and cutting the cost of living".

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