Sacked security adviser a disaster on North Korea ―Trump

Clay Curtis
September 12, 2019

Harry Kazianis, a North Korea expert at Washington's Center for the National Interest think tank, said Trump was now free to find a national security adviser opposed to wars of regime change and willing to back a diplomatic track with North Korea.

North Korea said Monday it is willing to resume nuclear diplomacy with the United States in late September but that Washington must come to the negotiating table with acceptable new proposals.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has supervised a fresh test of a "super-large multiple rocket launcher" system, state media said Wednesday - the latest in a series of provocations by Pyongyang.

Indeed, Trump's North Korea envoy, Stephen Biegun, a firm advocate of engagement with Pyongyang, is among the names that have been floated as possible successors to Bolton.

But a US spokesperson dismissed the launch, calling the latest North Korean missiles "projectiles", perhaps because the launch came only a day after North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui proposed a resumption of talks in late September.

North Korea is widely believed to want the United States to provide it with security guarantees and extensive relief from USA -led sanctions in return for limited denuclearization steps.

U.S. President Donald Trump called North Korea's announcement "interesting".

Trump signals could meet with Iran, as security hawk Bolton exits
Zarif has often said that a so-called "B-team" including Bolton could goad Trump into a conflict with Tehran . He invited Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif to attend sideline meetings at the G-7 conference in August.

Asked whether he would consider easing sanctions on Iran to secure a meeting with its leader President Hassan Rouhani at this month's U.N. General Assembly, Trump replied: "We'll see what happens".

Trump has received plaudits and criticisms for his willingness to engage Kim Jong Un directly in three meetings since June previous year, the first between leaders of two countries that have remained in a technical state of hostilities since the 1950-53 Korean War.

Trump said he got along with Bolton and hoped they parted on good terms, but added: "Maybe we have and maybe we haven't".

North Korea has denounced Bolton as a "war maniac" and "human scum".

The South Korean military on Tuesday deliberately kept information about North Korea's latest missile launch from the public, apparently for fear of embarrassing itself if its analysis proved wrong again.

North Korea was due to come into focus when UN General Assembly meeting starts next week in NY after a UN Security Panel report said Pyongyang was violating sanctions to help fund its weapons program.

"If there are only preconditions made for the other side, or lists drawn up, or even trying to use extreme pressure to get the other side to make unilateral concessions, then this didn't work in the past and it won't work now or in the future".

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