Everything you need to know about Apple Arcade

Ruben Fields
September 19, 2019

In a press release published today, Apple highlighted four of the 54 games that will be available when Apple Arcade launches.

Apple's Apple Arcade games subscription service has been made available to users on the iOS 13 or iPadOS 13 operating systems ahead of its September 19 launch. A vertical action platformer packed with pixel beasties, this Apple Arcade exclusive should be one of your first games on the service.

Overall, we thought that at $5, the service is a steal;, but it might still have issues competing with offerings like Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass.

Games can be downloaded to iPhones and played offline, without an internet connection, and there's no limit on how many Apple Arcade games you can add to your phone or download for offline playing at any one time.

Apple Arcade Controllers

If you have iOS 13, iPadOS 13, iOS 13.1, or iPadOS 13.1, you can get Apple Arcade right now just by opening the App Store app and tapping on the new Apple Arcade icon at the bottom of the screen.

Simply removing the nastier parts of the industry: IAPs, ads, gacha, and forced online play is a huge part of the battle, but it helps that Apple Arcade has a few early killer apps like Hot Lava to demonstrate that it's got something new to bring to the table.

Most importantly, the Apple Arcade feels like a breath of fresh air. Just as iPhones and Android smartphones were at a point where they had the power to play graphically intense games resembling the quality of console games from just a generation ago, the industry had chose to take a different path. Quite a few of the games like to use the device itself to mimic a controller when played on touch devices.

"We are so excited to launch Apple Arcade on the App Store". The graphics are sophisticated and go for a realism rarely found on games intended for Apple's platforms. But with just a casual look at Apple Arcade, it's obvious that the games are top-notch. Apple isn't aiming this at hardcore console or PC gamers, but is instead giving a carefully curated selection of high-quality games aimed at the gap between casual iPhone gamers and those who want to see what's next, without buying a console. Though the vast majority of subscribers to the new service will have to wait until Thursday to play it.

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