Hello Mistral: Google Nest WiFi expected to include Google Assistant capabilities

Ruben Fields
September 20, 2019

To describe this new Nest WiFi, the best comparison is to the newest Eero and Eero Beacon system.

Back in November of previous year, I posed the idea of merging Google Wifi with the Google Assistant.

The Nest WiFi isn't the only new product that will be revealed at the showcase. Google will offer the "main" router along with some smaller beacons that work with the main router, kind of like how Amazon-owned Eero's mesh home routers work. Another concern for us with the smaller satellites is the LAN back haul that the original Google Wifi supported, if the new satellites are to minimalists they may not include the option LAN port for wired back haul, which is far superior to any Wi-Fi based back haul solution. It's also unclear whether one of the new beacons will cost less than the current price of a single Google WiFi router; any cost savings could be wiped out by the addition of microphones and speaker components. 9to5Google reports that one of the more esoteric launches will be a second generation of Google Wifi, its mesh router system.

According to what I've seen between April and now, Google will use Qualcomm's QCS404 and 405 SOCs, which natively support 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but are also "Wi-Fi 6 ready" for the 802.11ax protocol. Rather than call this device the "Google Wifi 2", the Wifi line will reportedly fall under Google's reworking of Nest into a Google-wide smart home sub-brand.

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You can already get quite a bit of information out of a smart speaker, thanks to the smart assistant technology found on-board.

WITH JUST a few weeks until Google's annual hardware launch, the rumour mill is in overdrive.

The outlet reported the approaching Nest Mini will appear pretty similar to the Home Mini with some ameliorations equal to a built-in wall mount and a five-millimeter stereo port.

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