Mixed reaction to Corbyn's proposed party neutrality in second Brexit referendum

Daniel Fowler
September 21, 2019

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson said she would pull her party behind revoking Article 50 - the legal mechanism for leaving the European Union - and cancelling Brexit altogether if she becomes prime minister. "Trying to prevent Labour from backing remain is a dead end for Corbyn - it will inevitably fail and it risks the morale of our base at at a crucial moment".

However, Labour remains concerned that Johnson could simply ignore this law or find a loophole to try to force a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

And Welsh Labour further exposed the rift on Wednesday by saying they would campaign to stay in the European Union, shortly after Mr Corbyn outlined his plans to offer a "sensible" Brexit option.

The Labour leader said his job as PM would be to deliver the option that was chosen by the British people.

Come a general election campaign, though, two things will happen.

Since 2015, the party has slowly been trying to build itself back up from the eight seats it was left with, and now holds itself as an alternative solution to Brexit.

Today and next Friday, across the planet, unprecedented numbers of young people will be on climate strike, demanding the kind of radical government action that might give them back the future which current economic and energy systems seem set to destroy.

A Labour spokesman said: 'Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear that anyone who spreads anti-Semitism poison has no place in the party'.

Warning against any assumption he might defect to the Lib Dems, he clarified that he was still "very tribally and deeply attached to the Labour Party".

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"When we have an election, if we haven't had a People's Vote, people will be looking to resolve the issue of Brexit, and there are so many people in this country who are so sick of hearing about it".

The Conservatives are on 32 per cent, unchanged on a week ago.

In a wide-ranging interview in advance of the Labour Party conference, Mr Corbyn also spoke about the prospect of a border poll and whether he would see a united Ireland in his lifetime.

How consistent has the Lib Dem leader been on Brexit?

Mr Brake who had met Sir Nick after a recent memorial service to another former leader, Paddy Ashdown, told party colleagues: "He [Sir Nick] said, "well frankly there is actually not that much evidence, in fact there is no evidence, that the Russians were involved in rigging our referendum here, but what there is a huge amount of evidence for - unfortunately - is that the alt-right and Nigel Farage and his mob are much more effective at social media campaigning than we are".

"Our staff have faced incidents of antisemitism in previous years and, given that the situation appears to have further deteriorated, we do not feel it is responsible as an employer to put them in this environment", the organization said.

"The way our democracy usually works is that you put your promises in a manifesto to the people, and if you get a majority, you implement them".

The Liberal Democrats are offering the ideal solution I can get behind, but their history, as well as the current moves are concerning.

BBC host Andrew Neil questioned what the "point" would be of Mr Corbyn seeking a new Brexit deal but campaigning to remain.

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