Students March On Downtown Portland To Urge Action On Climate

Katie Ramirez
September 21, 2019

In Auckland, students shaved their heads and walked out.

The youth climate strike in Boston is just one of the thousands of similar rallies organized around the world ahead of next week's United Nations climate summit in NY. Another strike is planned for September 27.

In a similar vein, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos on Thursday pledged to make the USA technology and retail giant carbon neutral by 2040 and encourage other firms to do likewise.

Dozens of college and high school students gathered on the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus on Friday morning to demand action against climate change.

Many middle schools in largely coal-reliant Poland gave students the day off so they could participate in the rallies in Warsaw and other cities, and President Andrzej Duda joined school students picking up trash in a forest.

Strikes were held in 185 countries, with 1.4 million walking out of their workplaces and classrooms across Germany and 330,000 attending actions all over Australia.

It's partly inspired by Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg, who will attend a Montreal rally next Friday.

In New Mexico strikes will be happening throughout the state, in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Silver City, and Del Norte. She spoke at Friday's rally in front of City Hall, and called the last-minute meeting invitation "completely unacceptable".

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"I don't see a reason to not listen to the science", Thunberg told the House Foreign Affairs Committee. "I think it's a snowball effect where people are taking a while to get going but I think people are finally concerned enough that we'll see action". "It feels like if we don't act now, then there will be nothing for us in our future".

Greta: About me and our mission, this movement's mission, we are not just some kids who are skipping school, but this actually something much bigger. A little over a year ago Thunberg began her school strike for the climate, by herself, outside the Swedish Parliament.

And in the United Kingdom, hundreds of thousands are believed to have taken part in cities across all four countries.

The protests will "launch a new era of the climate movement", Eder told reporters on a call this week. "When people talk about young people, they always think of, like, 'Oh, they can't do anything, because they're not really grown up and they don't have power in this world, '" said An Nguyen, a junior at Nathan Hale. "We need to do it now", said Phan.

The organizers demanded a regional and federal Green New Deal to transition the economy to 100% renewable energy.

Students in San Francisco said that climate change is already impacting their lives, pointing to wildfires in California and increased hurricanes in other parts of the country. Over half of the adults surveyed also reported feeling afraid, and an even 50% reported feeling angry.

Ahead of her address to the United Nations next week, Ms Thunberg told U.S. politicians they must do more to combat climate change.

"Young activists are challenging us to confront the realities of the climate crisis". Bezos stopped short of boycotting oil and gas companies, which the group had wanted.

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