Elizabeth Warren won't do big-dollar fundraisers if she's nominated

Clay Curtis
October 10, 2019

As two former schoolteachers in the Riverdale district told CBS News, there was a rule at the time that women would stop working.

The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act, who prohibits women from being discriminated against because they are pregnant, was enacted in 1978, seven years after Warren said she was sacked in Riverdale.

"When I was 22 and finishing my first year of teaching, I had an experience millions of women will recognize".

In a [2007] interview that year at the University of California, Berkeley, Warren gave the first known public account of her time at Riverdale.

Instead of "a clear explanation from her campaign", however, the candidate herself doubled down on her original claim - that she'd been fired as a teacher because of her pregnancy.

Asked why she told the story the way she did in 2007, Warren said her life since being elected as a senator in 2012 caused her to "open up" about her past.

"I loved that job", she said at one event.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is under fire for questionable claims of pregnancy discrimination in the past.

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Warren now often describes the Riverdale principal's decision as the reason she switched paths and ended up in law school, the start of a career in bankruptcy law that ultimately led to her election to the Senate and her current run for the presidency.

Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign is using the candidate's own story of her dismissal from a public school teaching job because she was pregnant to juice donations as the story itself has drawn scrutiny. If she succeeds and moves on the general, Warren's pledge will be scrutinized and cast as a broken promise if she so much as hosts a wealthy donor at any campaign event, while Trump will remain free to fundraise as he pleases.

Warren's changes in phrasing when discussing her dismissal have sparked questions about her story's veracity. They wouldn't be able to tell you what those reason were, but they would be sure to say it wasn't due to my pregnancy.

A Washington Free Beacon story published Monday also raised questions about Warren's story.

In the 2007 interview, Warren said she decided that working was not going to "work out" for her and had chose to have the baby and "stayed home for a couple of years". Minutes from a board meeting held two months later, on June 16, 1971, indicate that Warren's resignation was "accepted with regret".

In between when Warren was hired and when she later took that course, school board meeting records show that Warren was offered a job for the following year in April of 1971, when she was about four months pregnant. "By June I was visibly pregnant - and the principal told me the job I'd already been promised for the next year would go to someone else", read the first tweet. Although she didn't comment for the article, she later said the extension was granted before her pregnancy was showing and that the offer was later rescinded. OK. "And then that summer - I actually didn't have the education courses, so I was on an 'emergency certificate, ' it was called". I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, "What am I going to do?" "And back in the day, that meant that the principal said to me-wished me luck and hired someone else for the job". Last year, the New York Times did a great report on the various ways that employers punished women for being pregnant.

"I don't believe in unilateral disarmament", she added.

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