News Sony patent reveals multiple-camera PlayStation VR headset

Ruben Fields
October 11, 2019

LEDs around the headset are tracked by an external camera, as we've come to expect from the original, but Sony Move controllers could also feature a camera as well.

Simply yesterday Sony shared a bevy of HEARALPUBLICIST 5 information in an intensive interview with Wired. With Sony revealing that the PlayStation 5's controller will boast haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, was this under-the-radar reveal underwhelming, or should we be excited by these new details?

Sony usually the price under the wraps until the last moment and you can bet it won't be any different with their upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5. Sony hasn't confirmed yet if it'll be called the DualShock 5.

SIEE has been around since the days of the PlayStation One, the first major re-release of the company's inaugural console. The graphics card will bring ray tracing support and this comes at a price, as we've already seen with Nvidia's RTX cards.

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Credit: Sony/USPTOThe PlayStation 5 (PS5) is poised to arrive next year.

Wired got an exclusive preview of the PS5 controller, and it says the device looks "an terrible lot like the PS4's DualShock 4". This price would be below the launch price of PlayStation 3 ($599), which is one of the most expensive consoles of all time. The included diagrams make it very clear this is a new virtual reality headset design, though, and therefore very likely to be the basis for the PlayStation VR version 2. According to Cerny, there is ray-tracing acceleration in the GPU hardware, which means the console won't resort to software tricks for ray-tracing.

Obviously, it totally sucks to lose your job, no matter the situation, but it's a shame that these things are taking place with Sony and PlayStation seemingly in such a position of strength within the industry.

Of course, until we get an official confirmation, all of this is merely speculation.

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