Jane Fonda arrested during climate change protest on Capitol hill

Brenda Watkins
October 12, 2019

CNN reports, well-known actress Jane Fonda was arrested at the US Capitol Friday after participating in a climate protest in Washington. On Friday the two-time Academy Award-winning actress succeeded when she was arrested along with other activists protesting on the steps of the Capitol building.

Climate activists cheered on Fonda-famous for her decades of activism promoting peace, racial justice, feminism, and environmental action-as photos and videos of her arrest began circulating online Friday.

The former USA ambassador to Ukraine called out President Trump in her congressional testimony Friday, saying he pushed her out based on "false claims" peddled by people with "questionable motives".

After recently revealing she moved to Washington, DC with the intention to get arrested, Jane Fonda was hauled in by police for protesting on Capitol Hill on Friday. "She tells us she'll be here *every* Friday into 2020 - demonstrate, get arrested, repeat", he tweeted.

On the topic of climate change, Fonda says she has been inspired by environmental activists like Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old whose campaigning has gained worldwide recognition.

WTOL quoted her as saying: "We have to be sure that the crisis that is climate change remains front and center like a ticking time bomb".

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In a Post interview yesterday, the Grace and Frankie star said she will take part in 14 Fire Drill Fridays, until she has to resume production on the Netflix series (she has relocated, temporarily, to Washington, D.C.).

"It so traumatized her that she stopped eating".

Jane Fonda was infamous for her protests against the USA government during the Vietnam War.

"This is a collective crisis that demands collective action now", she said. "And when I read that it rocked me, because I knew that Greta had seen the truth". The cameras flashed. I got up, and as I started to walk back to the vehicle with the translator, the implication of what had just happened hit me. It earned her the nickname "Hanoi Jane".

She has been arrested several times throughout her career.

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