Fortnite: Chapter 2 seems to have leaked on the Italian App Store

Ruben Fields
October 13, 2019

We've already been expecting some big changes, as well.

Regardless, calling it Fortnite: Chapter 2 implies that we'll be seeing some genuinely massive changes, and with the climax of Season 10 coming to a close with a special event called The End, there's every chance that the current map, after all its been through, is finally about to be retired for pastures new. Players can get a good look at a new island for the game that seems to feature new locations, rivers, and boats. This final event is a odd one, given that it will lead right up to the moment that the Season 10 servers shut down, and Epic pulls the game briefly ahead of its update to Season 11.

And this could all be shown during the Fortnite Season event being held today, October 13. Would a new map be enough to tempt you back to the battle royale? Instead this appears to be a new map, something fans have been looking forward to for quite a while (especially since Apex Legends recently transitioned to a new map). Fortunately, a screenshot of the picture has been doing the rounds on sites such as Twitter and Reddit, giving fans the opportunity to glean as much information as possible from a single image. According to a leak, the game's upcomimg content will be referred to as Chapter 2.

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So it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Fortnite Season 11, or whatever it is called, is going to be very different.

Images from a recent leak showcase brand new places of interest to explore, along with new vehicles to drive. We also saw in the image what could either be a new map, or a completely revamped map along with a new means of transport, boats. This could last several hours and include a large update being released following its completion.

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