The Nintendo Switch passes another sales milestone

Ruben Fields
October 13, 2019

Exercises will be helped along with the official stylus, and if players have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, they will be able to show off their records and achievements for the world to see.

Nintendo has revealed that the Switch family of systems - so the original model and the new Nintendo Switch Lite - have now shifted 10 million units between them across Europe, with hardware sales rising year-on-year. Interestingly, this particular game also makes use of the Nintendo Switch in a vertical orientation, something not a lot of games bother to do.

The Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training Switch release date has finally been revealed!

Calculate your overall Brain Age Score by performing a series of back-to-back exercises that challenge your information processing speed, short-term memory and self-control.

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There will be competitive counting games of boxes and birds, and a running game with a stick figure that jumps over obstacles with each correct answer.

If you're connected to the internet and have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can show your training results in the game's rankings and compete with friends! See the game in action in the new Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch trailer.

Unfortunately, Nintendo of America remains quiet about the status of Brain Training here in the US. Although the Japanese release is coming a bit before the European launch, the American release will presumably be on or close to the same date of January 3, 2020. Players will be able to use the Joy-Con's IR camera feature to scan their hand and play a game of rock-paper-scissors. This is just a few days after the Japanese launch.

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