United States suspect in case of Harry Dunn death left devastated, lawyer says

Clay Curtis
October 14, 2019

The family's arrival in NY also coincides with British authorities insisting the Sacoolas' immunity does not apply outside the United Kingdom - meaning she could be sued here in America.

19-year old Harry Dunn was killed in a road accident August 27, thought to involve an American diplomat's wife who left the country under Diplomatic Immunity after reportedly becoming a suspect in the fatal crash.

USA officials had said the suspect, Anna Sacoolas, 42, was covered by diplomatic immunity - after she went back to the states following the crash - but her protection is now in dispute.

Charles also said the family was thankful to receive a letter Saturday from the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab that said since Sacoolas had left Britain, "immunity is no longer pertinent".

An FCO spokesman told the PA news agency that the office "would not be commenting further on the content of the letter".

Harry Dunn, 19, was allegedly killed by 42-year-old Anne Sacoolas when her vehicle collided with his motorcycle in August.

It is alleged Sacoolas hit Harry head-on after she left the Northamptonshire base where her husband Jonathan worked.

"Anne would like to meet with Mr Dunn's parents so that she can express her deepest sympathies and apologies for this tragic accident".

Sacoolas' lawyer has reached out to Radd Seiger, the victim's family spokesman, to discuss setting up an "initial" meeting between lawyers in the coming weeks, Seiger told CNN.

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Jeffress insisted that Sacoolas had "fully co-operated with the police" on the time of the crash and "will continue to co-operate with the investigation" by Nottinghamshire police, the BBC stated.

The development comes as Harry Dunn's parents have appealed to US President Donald Trump to intervene, and called on authorities to waive Sacoolas' diplomatic immunity.

Harry Dunn's mother has said "sorry doesn't cut it" ahead of a meeting with the woman involved in a auto crash which killed her son.

Mr Stephens told Sky News on Sunday morning: "She was not entitled to diplomatic immunity in the first place".

Before leaving for NY and Washington DC to "put pressure on the USA administration to do the right thing", Harry's parents appealed for witnesses who had any information about how Sacoolas left for the States.

He said: "Normally, Northamptonshire Police would put a case together, charge her and she would have said "I have diplomatic immunity" and a short would have ruled".

Mr Johnson said although President Donald Trump was sympathetic towards Mr Dunn's family's views on the use of diplomatic immunity, the U.S. was "very reluctant" to allow its citizens to be tried overseas.

She added, "No loss compares to the death of a child and Anne extends her deepest sympathy to Harry Dunn's family".

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