As Liberals, NDP skirmish, Scheer sets sights on Prime Minister's Office

Clay Curtis
October 15, 2019

The Liberal leader said at a campaign stop in Quebec City this month that his comments weren't "coherent or consistent" with his claim of being pro-choice. "We're going to fight a Conservative government, we're going to fight it all the way".

"I think it's very clear that Canadians are anxious about what a Conservative government would do".

"The Liberals like to talk progressive, but they govern Conservative", he said in Toronto.

Liberal leader and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends a rally during an election campaign visit to Mississauga, Ont., Oct. 12, 2019.

Clinic 554, a family practice that also caters to transgender and LGBTQ needs, has become a flashpoint in New Brunswick, where the Progressive Conservative government is refusing to fund surgical abortion procedures at private clinics.

Earlier this week, Singh laid out the six conditions he would have to support a minority government including climate change action, national pharmacare, interest free student loans, cuts to cell phone bills and investments in affordable housing, as well as a new tax on the "ultra-rich".

Coalitioning like it's 1917: Canadians have had plenty of experience with minority governments over the years, but coalition governments - in which politicians from more than one party hold cabinet positions - are something else entirely.

However, one of the parties involved in this reported coalition has kept quiet about it.

Thousands still without power after snow storm hammers Manitoba
Petersen said his out-of-town employees made it to work, but they said the roads were snow-covered and slushy. On Wednesday, Denver experienced bright, sunny, nearly summer-like weather with 83 degree temperatures.

Blanchet said he would support any government on any issue as long as the policy is good for Quebec, and that the determination of support will be made case-by-case.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh shot back at Mr. Trudeau's message.

"There's only one way for Canadians to stop this coalition that you can not afford: Vote for Andrew Scheer and elect a Conservative majority government".

Trudeau was also asked by a reporter in Fredericton whether his party was attempting to scare prospective NDP or Green voters into casting their ballots for the Liberals instead by presenting the Liberal party as the sole viable hope of staving off alleged impending cuts by the Conservatives.

Mr. Scheer is scheduled to make an announcement in Quai Saint-Andre Tuesday morning.

For his part, Scheer has moved past October 21 and is painting a portrait of himself inside the Prime Minister's Office, detailing what the first 100 days of a Conservative government would look like.

Nanos Research did not conduct public opinion polling on Thanksgiving Monday.

But many voters say that doesn't change their vote. Formby and Jack, who live in Singh's riding of Burnaby South, told Singh they had voted NDP in advance voting on Sunday.

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