Epic getting sued for intentionally making "very, very addictive game"

Ruben Fields
October 15, 2019

According to La Presse Calex is representing the interests of two children, aged 10 and 15, who respectively have played 1,891 and 7,781 games of Fortnite since December 2018.

'They knowingly placed in the marketplace a surely, very addictive sport which was additionally geared in the direction of formative years'. Epic has announced that it will hold a major in-game event ahead of the highly anticipated Season 11 that is called "The End".

The attorneys who are filing the complaint are seeking to make it a class-action lawsuit.

"The defendants used the same tactics as the creators of slot machines, or variable reward programs, (to ensure) the dependence of its users, (and) the brain being manipulated to always want more", the suit claims of the addictive nature of "Fortnite", as translated by USA TODAY.

Caron says the wildly popular game, which even inspired a World Cup-style competition with a $30 million prize pool this summer, earned Epic Games $2.4 billion previous year, according to a Nielsen report. They lawyers are convinced that Epic games knew what kind of project they were launching on the market, but did not inform the players about the possible addiction.

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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that the legal firm Calex Légal has applied for authorisation to enact a class action lawsuit against Epic Games.

The Fortnite addiction lawsuit is based in part on a 2016 cases where a Quebec court found that tobacco companies did not properly warn theri customers of their product's addictive properties.

The case comes months after the World Health Organization officially added "Gaming Disorder" to its International Classification of Diseases.

In 2018, addiction specialist Lorraine Marer likened Fortnite to heroin addiction.

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