'Fortnite's' Black Hole Is Cooler Than Whatever 'Chapter 2' Will Be

Brenda Watkins
October 15, 2019

Nintendo and Sony addressed the current state of affairs in customer support updates assuring players their in-game currency and inventory items are secure during the "Fortnite Blackout". Amy shines a light on the great unknown in today's Nerdist News!

Up and coming: If you are one of the tens of millions that have been staring a Fortnite black hole for the last 24 hours, Epic finally has something else for you to look at - or at least a leaker does.

This is not the end of Fortnite.

On the website, the code states that the "end time" will finish on Thursday, October 17, which is different to the October 15 code that had been uncovered earlier.

For now though, keep an eye on the skies as the black hole continues to consume everything and muck about with the timeline and make more references to the "Zero point".

Players can't access any of the game's features - but a lot of them believe it's nowhere near gone for good.

"Hey @FortniteGame how about you give us some update about what's happening?!"

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Reports suggest that season 11 will start on October 17 this year.

The only thing left is an official Epic stream of that black hole, which is still being watched by tens of thousands of Fortnite fans, despite doing very little in nearly a day. There also appears that this Fortnite "reboot" includes the ability to dive and swim, carry wounded players, and hide in containers.

As such, it seems likely that when Fortnite does kick things back off for Season 11, it'll return with a completely fresh map. All that's left of Fortnite is a black hole, in fact, so outrageous fan-made theories have begun.

Some fans keeping an eye on the black hole for any movement, however, have spotted the appearance of what appear to be sequences of numbers floating close to its event horizon.

But its most significant changes are to gameplay.

A giant meteor smashed into the map causing a black hole to form. A 30-second clip of the next Season's Battle Pass has leaked online and it showcases a vibrant new map and the ability to jump into speed boats, dive, and jump around on a pogo stick. So, was the Fortnite journey only till season 10?

Epic Games is making this pretty dramatic as it has deleted all tweets from Fortnite's Twitter account and its public Trello board has gone down as well.

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