Family Of Six ‘Waiting For End Of Time’ Found Underground

Clay Curtis
October 16, 2019

The public broadcaster said that the family had been living in isolation waiting for the end of time. 'You only had to come close to the property and he would send you away.

Suspicions were alerted in the Dutch region of Drenthe when a 25-year-old disheveled man arrived to a pub and drank five pints of beer before asking for help.

According to the police, those discovered said they were a family, a father with five of his children who indicated that they were adults.

The weird living situation of a 58-year-old man and a group of six siblings - aged 18 to 25 - was discovered when the eldest of the young adults turned up at a pub in Ruinerworld, according to local outlet RTV.

Neighbors told local media they thought the man lived alone at the farm, and they didn't know of the family.

He said: "The police assessed the situation and found a number of rooms with makeshift furnishings where the family lived a withdrawn existence". Police believe the mother of the children had died before the family moved to the farm.

The owner of the bar, Chris Westerbeek, said the man was unkempt and looked confused.

De Groot said the police investigation was looking into "all possible scenarios".

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She would not confirm the relationship between the people or describe the conditions they were found in or their state of health for privacy reasons, apart from to say that they had been brought to a safe location.

The children are believed to have existed without the knowledge of authorities or neighbours at the remote farm hidden behind trees with an access road crossing a bridge that is hardly visible from the main road. "A man has been arrested by the police and his role is being investigated". We got talking. He said he had run away and needed help, and that he had never been to school.

The children had no idea that there were other people in the world, RTV reports.

Jan may not be registered on any government computers, as he said to the police.

A man, said to be an Austrian in his late fifties, has been detained by police and is being questioned.

Jans Keizer - who told RTV Drenthe he and his wife offered his new neighbour flowers and a bottle of wine upon his arrival - also said he subsequently thought things unusual.

The siblings had apparently lived in a hidden cellar and survived on vegetables grown in a secluded garden and animals caught nearby, local TV RTV Drenthe reported. "In the basement, the father and six children...waited for the 'end of time.'" The oldest child, who was an adult man, "sounded the alarm in a cafe", the site reported. "We understand everyone has lots of questions", the police statement added.

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