Xbox One will introduce content filters to hide offensive language

Ruben Fields
October 16, 2019

You can find the Xbox content filter in the new Message Safety settings, which gives you four options against toxic content. An automated filtering system will be rollout out across messages, LFG, Clubs, and Activity Feed, with adjustable levels.

"Friendly, ' the most restrictive filter setting, will automatically get rid of almost all swear words and content that parents may find objectionable for children; "Medium" will filter out most offensive language aside from select language; Mature is a bare-bones filter while 'unfiltered" provides no content restrictions.

A users logged into Xbox Live as an adult can then choose to view that message while anyone using the platform as a minor is unable to view the original note. For example, players may be used to a bit of light profanity from their pals but could turn the filters on for messages from random people. This allows users to have less restrictive filters with friends but blocks offensive words from those just sending requests.

Microsoft is turning to AI and machine learning to let Xbox gamers filter the language they see in text messages. The new system has already been rolled out for Xbox Insiders and will come to all users at some point this fall. The mature setting will only hide language that is nearly always offensive, and if you'd prefer to see it all, you can select the unfiltered setting, which is pretty self explanatory.

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The automatic filters which will save humanity from the threat of the foul language will be available for Xbox One, as well as for Xbox app for Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

The Friendly setting will be applied to all child accounts, and will change all text containing profanity or words with negative associations with "Potentially offensive message hidden".

Microsoft has unveiled its new Xbox content filter - part of the company's continued effort to combat online toxicity.

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