Dutch family of 6 found hidden in farmhouse cellar for years

Clay Curtis
October 18, 2019

Josef B. had twin daughters with a Japanese woman, Franz B. added. From a lawnmower for example. "We have no idea who this can be".

"What was special were all those cameras around the house. No one here had contact with him".

A man who lived near the woodworking company where he worked told the newspaper he was "extremely friendly but hard to reach, with a large bundle of hair and a thick beard".

Another neighbour told the broadcaster the mother had died of bowel cancer and a year later the family had moved away.

On Thursday, police also detained the supposed father in connection with the same suspicions. He added that several of the siblings' births were never registered with the municipality.

The farm is hidden behind trees and about 200 metres from the edge of town. Apparently, they created and lived in makeshift rooms and survived mostly on vegetables and animals from an isolated garden on the property.

One neighbor told NOS he once tried to get closer but turned back when he saw multiple cameras on the property.

"I am shaking on my legs", he told the newspaper.

The local postman said he had never delivered a letter there.

"It's actually pretty odd, now I come to think about it", he told the Dutch news outlet Algemeen Dagblad, according to the BBC.

The family is now receiving medical treatment.

The statement continues: "We understand that everyone still has many questions".

Dutch police on Thursday arrested the father of a family kept for almost a decade in a farmhouse, saying they were investigating whether a "certain belief in faith" was behind the case.

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"The family is in a safe place".

"He [the 25-year-old] had long hair, a dirty beard, wore old clothes and looked confused".

The young man who left his family home of nine years in a Dutch basement appears to have first stepped out online. "You see it can happen anywhere, not only in a big city but also in the countryside". He said he had run away and that he urgently needed help.

"I have never come across anything like this before", de Groot said at a news conference on Tuesday.

Police said they discovered the family on Monday and arrested a 58-year-old man - not the father - for failing to cooperate.

In a statement Tuesday, local police said they went to the family home after the eldest son said: "he was anxious about his family's living conditions".

"That is why we went to this address".

Dutch local television station RTV Drenthe said Josef B and the captive family were all part of South Korea's controversial Unification Church, dubbed "Moonies" after their late founder Sun Myung Moon. "It is unclear whether they were there voluntarily".

"This will of course be further investigated", the statement explains.

"They say they are a family, a father with five of his children". They have now been examined by doctors, the police said.

"The situation encountered requires a careful approach whereby attention and care is given to the young adults found".

"The arrested man concerns the tenant of the building".

Breaking news for six people in the Netherlands: the world is still here.

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