Hong Kong protest leader Jimmy Sham violently attacked

Daniel Fowler
October 17, 2019

The legislation, which has broad bipartisan support, would allow the U.S.to sanction individuals in China and Hong Kong believed to be undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong and the human rights of its residents.

Protesters display U.S. flags and sing the U.S. National Anthem during a rally at the University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong on September 20.

Opposition lawmaker Tanya Chan said Ms Lam was to blame for Hong Kong's troubles.

Geng said Wednesday that USA lawmakers were "disregarding and distorting facts by referring to serious criminal offenses such as arson, smashing of shops and violence against police officers as an issue of human rights and democracy".

"Both her hands are soaked with blood", she said. "The real issue is to promptly end violence, restore order and safeguard the rule of law".

Mr Geng claimed that "extreme" and "hypocritical" USA lawmakers had considered violence and rioting as human rights and democracy, which exposed their "evil intentions of damaging Hong Kong's prosperity and restricting China's development".

"I would like to stress again that in response to the U.S.'s wrong decisions and wrong practice harming China's interests, we will definitely take strong countermeasures to defend our sovereignty", Geng said. Hong Kong's government is now short 67,000 public housing units to meet its self-imposed housing supply target by 2028 because of a lack of public land.

China's Foreign Ministry accused the United States lawmakers of "sinister intentions" to undermine Hong Kong's stability and warned that bilateral relations would be damaged should the measures become law.

"We express strong indignation on, and firm opposition to, the U.S. House of Representatives' passage of the so-called Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act", Geng said, according to a transcript on the foreign ministry website.

The Asian financial hub has been rocked by street protests since June.

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Hawley-the third U.S. Republican Senator to visit the city since the protests began, following Ted Cruz and Rick Scott-warned that Hong Kong is in danger of becoming "a police state", and later urged Carrie Lam to resign, prompting the Chief Executive to fire back that his comments were "totally irresponsible and unfounded".

The bill would require the USA secretary of state to certify every year that Hong Kong retained its autonomy in order to keep receiving the special treatment that has allowed it to be a major financial center.

Before Hong Kong returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997, the colonial administration often deployed the ordinance to take property for public use, offering compensation to landowners.

"People are furious about well-documented cases of excessive force, brutal tactics and the tolerance of violence against protesters and journalists by the government", Smith said from the floor.

'And we do not want to lose the soul of our country for commercial interests, whatever those commercial interests may be'.

The Civil Human Rights Front said leader Jimmy Sham was assaulted by four to five people wielding hammers in the district of Mongkok in what they described as an act of "political terror".

The House passed three bills Tuesday supporting the right of people to protest and opposing Chinese intrusions into Hong Kong's affairs.

Also passed by the House on Tuesday was Resolution 543, reaffirming the relationship between the US and Hong Kong, voicing support for the protesters, and condemning Chinese interference in the city, as well as the Protect Hong Kong Act, which would end exports to Hong Kong of crowd control devices.

The annual policy speech was unusually short and focused on the deep social and economic inequalities that have proliferated in Hong Kong.

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